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The United states Army, 1st Battalion, 81st Armor Regiment was hosted by the April 1865 Society February 28th at the site of the Annual Battle of Selma Re-enactment.  The “Red Knight Battation” studies battlesites each year comparing tactics and statigies of the past with current pratices.  This is the third year the 1st Battalion out of Ft. Benning, Georgia has ask for the expertise of the April 1865 Society in conducting its Staff Ride of the Battle of Selma.  This year they were treated with a Civil War Artillery demonstration by the members of the Jeff Davis Artillery.


Bob Bradley of the Alabama Department of Archives & History accepts a $1,250 donation to the “Flag Conservation Fund” to support ongoing conservation from Nelson Andrews, Commander of SCV’s Christopher C. Peagues Camp and a member of the Battle of Selma Re-enactment Committee, from the April 1865 Society, Inc. sponsoring entity of the Event. The ADAH holds one of the largest Civil War flag collections in the U.S.

150th Battle of Selma Re-enactment

April 23 – 26, 2015

U.S. Command has been accepted by the Alabama Division,

General Ken Sumner, Commanding

C.S. Command has been accepted by Cleburne’s Division,

General Joe Way, Commanding

Battle of Selma Grand Military Ball

Sponsored by

April 1865 Society, Inc

And its Members

The 149th Anniversary of the Battle of Selma will continue to operate under the changes instituted in 2012.  The Ball will not only be open to our Re-enactor guest but will be open to the membership of the April 1865 Society, Inc. Below are some important points to remember about this year’s Ball:

NO BALL TICKETS WILL BE SOLD - In the past Sturdivant Hall sold tickets to the Ball to allow non-re-enactor guests, in period dress to attend the Ball. Sturdivant Hall Board decided in 2012 it could not sell these tickets.

MEMBERSHIP MAY ATTEND AT NO CHARGE - All members of the April 1865 Society, Inc , in good standing, may attend the ‘Ball’ at no extra charge. There will be a membership list at the door. The member must be on it to enter.

PERIOD DRESS IS STILL REQUIRED - Even if you are a current member, in good standing, members will only be allow to enter in ‘civilian period dress’. If someone in your party is not properly dressed they will not be allowed to enter.

Commemorative Glass - Society Members will also receive a commemorative glass at no charge.

Join the membership of April 1865 Society today!  To download a membership form, click here.

NPR at the Battle of Selma

Click on the link to listen to National Public Radio’s visit to the Battle of Selma this year. The story mentions how there are less re-enactors nationally every year, even though there is increased interest from the public during the 150th anniversary of the Civil War to see these events. Who will teach the next generation about the biggest conflict in our nation’s history?  Grab your tents, horse, a friend and come join us at the next Battle of Selma or re-enactment near you.


The artwork was done by Luis Acosta from the Wilkinson School in California after a recent demonstration by the Jeff Davis Artillery at the Battlefield in Selma.


The 146th Anniversary Battle of Selma T-Shirt You may contact us at to receive one by mail.

2010 YouTube Video

 To See the “Battle Of Selma 2009″ Promotional Video click on: