The April 1865 Society, Inc. is the Official Sponsor of the

Battle of Selma Re-enactment.

A 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organization The name of the organization is based on the Jay Winik, Civil War Saga “APRIL 1865, The Month That Saved America”. 


The Society works closely with the City of Selma, Dallas County, the Chamber of Commerce, and The Alabama Department of Tourism and Travel to insure its mission of providing the infrastructure, logistics, and policy needed to produce an annual historical tourism event.  It also works closely with Re-enactment Units to ensure the best historical accuracy and amenities.   The Society is directed by a 12 member board.  The Society’s Board guides the “Battle of Selma Re-enactment Committee’s” Chair in budgetary and policy issues.  We would be delighted to have you join the April 1865 Society. The “Battle of Selma Re-enactment Committee” and its staff actually direct the Re-enactment and they are always looking for folks willing to volunteer during the event.  If you are interested in being part of the Battle of Selma Committee or just volunteering your time to help the event please send an email to [email protected]

You can join the April 1865 Society by filling out the membership form below and submitting the required membership fee to the address listed:

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April 1865 Society Membership
“As of January 2010 the IRS has approved the 501-C(3) charitable status for the April 1865 Society, Inc.
This is a major mile stone in building the organizational framework for an annual Battle of Selma Re-enactment. ”

To become a member in The April 1865 Society, download the registration form by clicking Membership Form.

Beginning in 2013 as part of our membership package, Members may attend the Battle of Selma Grand Military Ball at no charge. Period Dress is required for admittance. See grand Military Ball for details.

Since April 2010 over 250 members have joined. This is a great start to the April 1865 Society, Inc. and shows the depth of support for this Event both here in Selma and around the Southeast. Thank you for your Support!

April 1865 Society, Inc. Board

James Hammonds, President

Frank Brower, Vice-President

James Siddens, Treasurer

Martin Jowers, Secretary

Robert Beams

Ray Hogg

Brien McWilliams

Candace Johnson Skelton

Jim Busby